We are a husband and wife team… Mack & Chelsea. We’ve been growing our business since 2008, and continue to feel unbelievably blessed to be able to pursue our dream career in a world where not everyone gets that chance.

While neither of us has formal training in photography, our former careers as a graphic designer and a journalist gave us unique building blocks to create our own artistic style. We have a blast with our clients, but also take our business incredibly seriously, and are dedicated to top-of-the-line customer service and continued education.

McGowan Images is built entirely on word-of-mouth, and the vast majority of our clients hire us because a friend told them to check us out. We do not take those recommendations lightly, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the families who have invested in and encouraged us over the last several years.

We have two children… an adventurous boy named Jack, and a feisty little diva named Dorothy. You’ll see them appear on the blog from time to time.

Mack loves building projects, steampunk design, and cooking good food.

Chelsea loves travel, nerdy conversations about pop culture, and eating whatever Mack is cooking.

Together, we strive to be entirely authentic both in our “real lives” and here in our little online home. We cherish the relationships photography has brought into our lives, and we consider ourselves better people for having been able to meet so many amazing couples.